Re: Successful PP beetle eradication from lumber

Barry Irby
Interesting. I have some lumber that has PPB's. Some of it I have sprayed with BoraCare. According to Nissus, the manufacturer of Boracare, it should get them.

I think it has reduced the activity dramatically but I am not positive it is 100% effective. It may kill them on the way out, preventing re-infestations.

In the bad old days, houses that were infested were treated with Methyl Bromide or Viacane. A tent was built over the house and it was gassed. The stuff was deadly. Killed the house plants, fish or anything left in the house and sometimes killed the foundation plantings and the occasional nearby tree.

We used it on the farm to gas and sterilize the land for tobacco plant beds. My Dad is long gone, but I wish I could ask him for details on how to use the gas.

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