interesting chance for a study

David Weaver
it would be interesting to do a few versions of this. I mentioned in your original post that we had PPB in our porch posts, but not a terrible infestation. Enough that there were carcases here and there and some frass piles once in a while. The porch woodwork was stained red and only the post had issues (the rest of the porch was old growth redwood and was unaffected).

I coated the wood with borate, and every crack and seam I could find, the same. It left some white residue. Though this may not do anything, I also pulled borate solution in and around any area that frass appeared.

Within a fairly short period of time, I didn't see another PPB or frass ever again.

It would've been interesting if you'd have been able to split off some of the wood for borate only and some for malathion only.

Borate is supposedly only effective on the surface and I may have benefited from lucky circumstances (a colony that was already on the outs, etc).

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