Re: "modicum of accommodation for face masks"

David Weaver
In pittsburgh, we filled for $2.35 on Thursday. I guess the gas stations here (not to mention one of the highest gas taxes in the country) have always priced for their own good, especially when prices are down elsewhere.

It's the law here (at least as much of it that isn't challenged) to wear a mask in a business, so you will only see people wearing masks. Even a drive through - I wore a mask for the first time yesterday (wife is being overprotective and doing all of the shopping because she thinks moderate asthma will take me out) - drive through.

Anywhere else, no masks - maybe 1 in 100 people wears one. Walked part of the slippery rock gorge trail on Thursday and there's not enough room for distancing on parts of that trail, but nobody seemed to care.

PA on the eastern side has been hit hard. On my side of the state, not so much - a nursing home or 12 has had some outbreaks, but the public side of it (out in the open) we haven't really had. I believe one of the counties northwest of me is back to "green".

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