Re: OT Floor joist revelation... Sheesh!

Barry Irby
Michael, I had to stop and think about the Realtor Hiring the Inspector. I was an Inspector for over thirty years and was always paid by the buyer. Always made it very clear I worked for the buyer and In fact said I was the only one in the transaction that was unbiased and worked for the buyer. Everyone else depended on the deal going through to earn their fee. I got paid whether the deal closed or not.

OTOH, giving it further thought I can see why you say the Realtor hired the inspector. It was often the case that the Agent recommended the inspector, IE hired him, even though the buyer paid him.

Since I retired I have flipped a number of houses. Had several them inspected by two different inspectors after the deal fell through. I was amazed, Could not tell they inspected the same house, the lists of defects were very different.

Things have not gotten better. The state has licensed Inspectors and it has the effect of lowering the overall quality of the inspections and the inspectors.

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