I was a Home Inspector for many years....

Barry Irby
And Walta is correct on many points.

It's been a long slow trip to getting Inspectors licensed. I worked on it for about ten years, helping the state to set up the guide lines. It was long and befuddling process. In the end, they decided Inspectors had to be 18 years old and have the equivalent of a High School education. They got hung up on actual inspection training because they were not willing or able to set it up. They wanted to have existing Inspectors train new ones in what amounted to an apprenticeship program. Those of us already in the business did not want to train the competition.

Realtors are another problem. The joke is that they put Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder on the short list. If you have an excellent reputation for being thorough, it is very difficult to get on the short list unless the Realtor is selling a house to a family member. And many of them know almost nothing about a house and are little more than consignment salesmen.

Buyers did not seem to know enough to demand a thorough inspection and only wanted to move it along with a minimum of disruption.

And, I had several clients who thought I missed something and thought I should not just give them the fee back, but should give them the entire purchase price of the house and let them keep the house.

OTOH, this guy is state licensed and is a poor representative of the profession.

After the deal closes we may report him to the licensing board but they are less knowledgeable than the Realtors and will do nothing.

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