Re: I've never had one of these type planers,

Randy Johnson
I’m sure that vibration is in the equation because the planer can just sit there and run for five minutes and the thickness indicator doesn’t move. I know this for a fact because I sat and watched it yesterday. There has to be a board getting planed.
Let’s change the machine we are discussing from a planer to an automobile.
Set the emergency brake, put the car in drive, and depress the gas pedal. As long as the emergency brake works the car shouldn’t move an inch.
On the planer the four locking nuts are the emergency brake. And they aren’t doing their job. One thing I haven’t tried yet is some 600 grit sand paper on the four columns where the nuts make contact. With the state on lockdown I probably won’t be checking to see if that helps any very soon. Since I might be ordering new locknuts in desperation I’ve also considered gluing leather to the ones I have now.

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