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David Weaver
you can spray it, pad it or brush it. I generally don't spray it because I don't have a separate finishing room and don't want overspray on things, but generally apply it however you'd like, and typically apply a wax over the last coat when you're done.

I'd imagine that among most folks doing large items, spraying is most common.

It's true that its durability isn't nearly as good as poly or crosslinked WB finishes, etc, but it's also true that quick repairs of just about anything minor are near zero effort. 30 years from now, if you wipe over a water spot the same way I described, the finish would adhere as if the last coat was laid down 2 hours ago.

I wouldn't use it for a surface that gets wet a lot (like a table top, though it would do OK as long as sweating cups weren't placed on the table top), but for everything else, the false sense that taking zero damage over 40 years is the most important metric is just that to me - it's a false sense on furniture that stays in my house because I can touch it up without guessing what it is or what repair method is needed.

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