a little humor....

David Weaver
..first, I my wife has been critical of my supply of gloves in the past (I get them when they're $2.99 - they're handy both around the house and for french polishing. "why do you need to get another box before the last one runs out?").

However, she has begun demolishing my supply in the last couple of weeks and we're down to one box, so I was planning to hit HF when it reopens (non-essential business in PA is down for the count for at least two weeks).

Anyway, I couldn't help but giggle at the fact that even the founder's name sounds like a knockoff....

Eric Smidt (almost the same as Eric Schmidt of google!!).

I hope they kept the really cheap gloves, but am not guessing they'll have them anytime soon because of everyone buying them for not-so-HF purposes.

Shellac sticks to everything. Putting it on with bare hands leads to really funny looking hands for a while.

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