Re: First Time For Everything

Barry Irby
Recently, (a term that has come to mean "sometime in the last fifteen years") I decided I had been intimidated by hand cut dovetails long enough and I was going to learn to cut them. I went to the University of Youtube and learned a few things. Then the "but first" thing got into the act. I would have made some dovetails, but first I had to learn to sharpen my second hand saw. Then I decided to buy one. I looked at it and it ended up resting on my bed. My lady friend showed up and I had to explain a good saw is like a good woman, you have to sleep with it a while to be sure it's a keeper.

I also got an angle guide.

The other thing I learned was that it takes practice. I was lead to believe I should prep some stock and cut dovetails everyday for thirty days and skill would emerge.

Recently I found the results still taking up space on my bench. I made it all the way to two. About the same as yours. Functional but not pretty. Apparently I have a problem with motivation and diligence also.

You are doing well, Practice. And practice some more.

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