Red and white barns...
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red barns ()

David Weaver
...that pretty much covers the barn colors where I grew up, at least as far as barns of appreciable size.

There were certainly either unpainted (or treated?) wood barns that were brown, but i can't say for sure they were never painted.

I was going to mention earlier that some barns were white (the one that I had to paint on a ladder with a brush - the guy employing me just thought a brush was a better way to paint than anything else - block/stone foundation (probably partially rebuilt) and white wood. Painting unpainted stone and block with a brush is slow going.

One of my relatives soaked everything in creosote, so he had a lot of outdoor woodwork that was black/brown. he died last year of neuroblastoma (but also was a prolific TV repair man - lots of exposure to things that are known unhealthy).

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