Re: Dehumidification drying wood questions....

David Weaver
Shrink wrap in the long term for some woods may lead to fungus or other things that you don't want. If you're going to lose the ends, anyway, it may not matter, but I've had wet maple get nasty quickly (wood that got wet, but had been dried originally) and I didn't know that it was wet for almost a week. Within a very short period of time, the green filth growing on it went very deep, and I ended up having to bleach the wood to recover it.

I grew up in a stingy area, and we had a local mill, so folks who still built buildings back then with hardwoods usually hauled trees to the mill and then brought them home to dry or store. "barn paint" was what I recall seeing on board ends, but don't know why. Maybe the local miller recommended it - in theory, back then, it would've been an oily paint intended to work well on weathered and not perfectly prepared wood, but it could've just been cheap.

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