Re: you should have bought a fan

Barry Irby
I was buying stuff at a huge tool auction. There were the most fantastic tools I have ever seen in a home basement shop. For example, a Hammer K3 table saw with the giant slide assembly big enough to rip or cross cut a sheet of polywood and a 10" jet cabinet saw. Floor model jet hollow chisel mortiser, 36" drum sander, two Carvewright machines, and on and on, 211 items.

What I wanted was his shed full of wood, but alas, it went for too much money. I bought a few smaller things like a Leigh dovetail jig and a Porter cable dovetail jig, both to resell. And several other things, but the dehumidifiers were an impulse purchase. At less than $20 each, I grabbed them. Just thought they might be useful.

Thanks for the primer on drying. I knew most of it but got in a hurry. I want the wood to dry so I can finish the bed or what ever while I'm still alive.

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