Re: Dehumidification drying wood questions....

The key to drying in the small shop is to forget about it. I usually have something in mind for the green wood I get, but whether it gets used for that purpose or not is another mater entirely. If you are trying to rush this to get to the fun bit of making you bed, that can end in tears.

Most of the splitting tends to occur in the early part of the drying, or with the first exposure to direct sunlight. If you have pith centers, they almost always split, in my experience, so ripping them is often a good idea.

I have had great results coating the ends of the wood with Bear UltraWhite indoor outdoor paint. As good as using the emulsion, better than some of the emulsion I had from a turning place, so all emulsion is not equal. I just find the paint is easier to stock and has so many other uses. It needs to be good quality paint, I have used stuff that made no difference, and the wood cracked.

I would imagine the dehumidifier would work. You could put the wood in a tent of sorts with the dehumidifier, and run the drain hose to the outside. Get a tarp, or something of the sort for the tent.

I usually finish up with the wood in the living area where it gets to sit for a year or so. Stick it under a bed or sofa, if you can get away with it. Not worth it if it subsequently spends months in your shop at a different moisture content.

I have no experience with the particular wood you are drying.

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