American Beech market

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
RR ties and paint brush handles

I have never seen beech on a sawmill buying list except for the occasional demand for RR tie logs and even here oak is preferred. If the mills are not buying logs it means there is no market demand for lumber. The logs tend to be low grade. We have hundreds of beech trees on our timber lands and there isn't one higher grade 16' log anywhere. I kill the beech when I have time to enable something useful to take its place. Killed about 2 dozen this past Sunday.

The wood is hard to dry and once dry it has poor stability. With all the superior hardwoods available there is no reason to choose beech. It is harvested for hardwood pulp, but if the logging operation is just for saw logs it is left in the woods. There may be some boutique market for it in isolated situations but the mills sawing 100,000 bdft a day have no interest in it because there is insufficient demand to attract their interest. If ultimately one is buying from one of these large suppliers there is no beech to be bought and you will never see it.

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