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It's the dealer's problem ()

David Weaver
The whole thing sounds like it's being handled without much interest in resolution - just answer the call, talk to the owner a little bit and go to the next call.

By "who is responsible" in the title, I mean that sawstop probably doesn't anticipate this issue. Their dealer may figure sawstop is responsible for fixing it. Who actually is by contract, I don't know.

But either party - the dealer OR sawstop ought to slow down for a second, and figure that a guy who bought a tablesaw that's quite expensive for imported goods would probably just like to be able to plug it in, set it up and use it.

If the dealer is, in fact, responsible for resolving this as a matter of their agreement with sawstop, the customer service at sawstop should be calling the dealer and making sure it's done. It sounds like everyone other than the customer is trying to minimize promises, action and cost to resolve.

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