Re: European Beech is not the same at US beech

John in NM
I've never seen un-steamed beech for sale here. It's unusual for commercial yards to stock it at all, I've usually bought it at retail/semi-retail places, and even had to mail order on occasion (fortunately rare occasion!).

I've noticed that it waxes wonderfully - would make good drawer runners I bet.

I would have guessed that birch was the preferred fake up species. Easy to stain as walnut or mahogany and fool all but an actual woodworker - my mom had a "mahogany" dining table throughout my childhood, finally I refinished it for her maybe 20 years ago and found out it was birch! Even after I knew what mahogany looked like I never looked closely at the grain under that brownish-red stain, it only became clear when I took the stain off.

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