Re: Navien here (kind of long)

Jay Lombardo
I installed a Takagi gas tankless about 12 years ago and have no complaints at all. Mine is the older style and the special stainless steel type Z venting when I did it was almost a deal breaker but I had no choice at the time (long story). It does take a little time to get all the way to the back bath but it's not that bad. In the last year I have installed 2 Navien heaters both gas for my kids homes. Things are much improved! High efficiency condensing units now use PVC venting, installation is much simpler. both these units have a recirculating mode to prevent the cold water slug in the pipe. First home had a pipe run down from the furthest bath and allowed me to hook up an external pipe to recirculate and the Navien has a setting for that. The other house did not have a return pipe but the unit has an internal recirculating setting that works very well. Naviens are more expensive but in my humble electrician opinion worth the extra cost. Make sure to install the optional clean/flushout valves, they make servicing the units much easier. Installation is pretty simple if you can sweat a little copper or for a little more money use the sharkbite fittings, no sweating. I love these things.

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