Mini review Ridgid "Universal Mobile Miter Stand"

This is the model AC9946 - costs $199.00 at Home Depot.

Assembly reasonably easy - the directions for the handle showed the older model - but it was easy to figure out. Bolts are "color coded" - black bolts and nuts for the stand itself and zinc plated for attaching the miter saw.

Went together fast - a lot is pre - assembled. You have to but on the wheels, handle, feet, put in a couple of bolts for the transverse part and then fasten on the work supports.

Handling - I have an older DeWalt double bevel 12" CMS - so it weighs at least 50 lbs or so - anyway, the 12" wheels make handling it a breeze. It will go around my house (down a somewhat steep slope) and make it into my basement. It will handle a set of stairs if needed. Rough ground is not a problem. The handle is comfortable and you can get a reasonable grip.

Getting it into position and taking it down. The release lever for opening the unit also works for taking it down. It takes a moderate amount of getting used to operating it - but it is easy to operate once you get it.

The work supports stretch out to 9' or so. Which is long enough for most work. It handled 16' baseboard relatively well. The work supports are lever activated and slide reasonably well. They adjust reasonably well and remain level with the CMS table when adjusted. Both have a sliding work stop - so you can use it for that.

Bottom line - if you are muscling around a heavy CMS - this makes it a lot easier.

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