Re: OT- car head lights deficient

John McGaw
Add-on light can be a sport of sorts. Way back in the day I had a 1969 Fiat 124 that I absolutely loved. I drove the vast majority of my highway miles in the wee hours of the morning in rather out-of-the way places. I added two driving lights above the bumper at 200K candlepower each, two fog lights below the bumper at 200K each and changed out the sealed beam lights for illegal Euro-spec halogen units at 100K each giving me a total of (assuming the makers were not lying) of 1,000,000 candlepower. I diddled the switch gear so that I could run high and low beams simultaneously along with the accessory lights. Problem was that I couldn't get away with it for very long since the alternator couldn't support it and the battery would start going down. Today, with LED lights it would be a lot easier.

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