Finish expecting...

david weaver
...that you may find something when finishing that you won't see without finishing.

I don't sand much, but when I do sand, I look at what I've sanded twice. Once with raking light in the shop, and if lucky, with daylight at some point, but if not, a second look with raking light. Sometimes the second look (spread apart by more than seconds) finds things - just something about how our brains work.

But you will still sometimes find things (because I sand rarely, it's more often scraper ripples or something of the like) you didn't expect to once you add the reflectivity of finish.

I almost always seal with shellac - padded or brushed, so spot removal, correction, and then pad shellac back on where spot removing - no problem.

Shellac is a pain to sand off, spot removal is always with a scraper if something was sanded, and then resand the spot so as not to load up a bunch of sandpaper and burnish or mark up a surface.

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