Re: Sanding to perfection question? Need Help

Barry Irby
No, that is not the case, at least this time, that is not what I am talking about here. On each chair I have a patch where I failed to notice scratches that were clearly left by the original grinding wheel. A little dish or depression that you could cover with a thumb print that got lost in the character of the oak.

I spent a lot of time "fairing" the seats, smoothing out even subtle high spots so the surface would appear to be long flowing curved surfaces without facets or bulges. These spots were missed by every abrasive after the grinding wheel.

I feel like this would have been a lot easier on a classic pine seat, for two reasons: the wood would have been a LOT softer and sanded to a "fair" surface much easier and there would be a lot less character in the pine to disguise the marks.

Another part to this is I was ready for this project to be over and to move on to the next one. I made four chairs and a matching bench. Lots of repetition. Sort of reached my limit. I should have disciplined myself to inspect them better.

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