Re: Sanding to perfection question? Need Help

Barry Irby
I sculpted the butt print into the seats with a Harbor Freight carving disk 4 1/2" in diameter. It is very coarse. I smoothed it a bit with a 60 grit flap wheel on the grinder. Then I sanded with 60 grit on a 6" Festool Rotex sander. Actually, that fine tuned the sculpting. Then 80, 100 and 120. Then wet it to raise the grain and finished sanding on a five inch ROS at 220.

There was a lot of looking and feeling to get the lumps out and fair the curves. The sanders do a pretty good job of that.

Part of the problem is the seats are Quarter Sawn White Oak. Coarse grain with a lot of character and medulary rays. Lots of Stuff to hide scratches. I did four chair seats and a bench. Was trying to keep them very similar.

I am satisfied with the sanded surfaces as far as the 220 grit goes appearance wise except where I failed to see the scratches. Clearly needed to take the time and effort just before fuming them to see that there were spots that needed touching up.

At this point the defects may be left in place and become patina. These go with a table that was built to mimic an antique tavern table. The top of that was lightly sculpted with a plane with a curved blade to give it a very gentle scallop. Can't really see it but you can feel it. Considered "antiquing" the chairs with some intentional patina. Maybe I should have.

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