Sanding to perfection question? Need Help

Barry Irby
I have a problem with my sanding. I am thinking my eyesight is beginning to fail me.

I made some chairs for my son and DIL out of QSWO. Sculpted the seats with an angle grinder. Sanded, sanded and sanded some more. Wet them to raise the grain and inspected them for ripples and bumps. Pretty happy with the shape, not perfect, but very good. BUT, there are some really minor scratches left from the angle grinder. Spots you could cover with your thumb.

The trouble is that I fumed the chairs and did not see the scratches until the finish went on. Pretty sure no one will see them or care except me. But it worries me. (I only see the defects)

What can I do to see the surface better before the finish? (I have always called the first coat of finish "the reveal coat") I looked at these when they were wet for raising the grain. I'm thinking I need to use a good flash light and raking light. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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