Re: I'd like to hear how it works out...

david weaver
they have so many finishes that I can't really follow them. I spray something a couple of times a year and just need something that works, so I use the EM6000 series finishes with a cross linker additive. The only thing I've learned with that is that the first few coats go on light and then the paint won't soften. No flood coats on large flat surfaces to speed things up.

I painted two desks that get kid traffic and they've held up well. The mrs wanted chalk paint with wax on top (based on a friends' spec). Not really my taste, so I sanded the chalk paint and then the spray finish.

It's worth it for me (if it ever matters), based on your helpful comment just to call the guy at target finishes and ask if there's anything different about the various finishes in terms of UV (aside from finishes designed for outdoor work if there are any). Having a white paint and finish combination that doesn't yellow (and can be keyed to SWs numbers since that's the paint) is very valuable.

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