Re: Painted Kitchen Cabinet Doors *PIC*

Jack Lane
Hi Howie,

I've sprayed lots of SW paint with a Fuji Q4. It's a trial and error process to get the paint to flow out nicely but those guns will do the job. Consider using Flotrol. It really helps the paint level. Keep in mind it will change color slightly. Also, the folks at Fuji have always been very helpful with advice when I've had trouble getting high solids finishes through the gun.

I've always preferred to spray flat and one door at a time vs in batches. Always had too much overspray in batches. I've included pics of my low-tech lazy Susan. Just built a new one so it's not covered with paint yet. Just a 1/2" in a 1" pipe with pipe flanges to attach. I usually sharpen the dowels with a pencil sharpener but didn't bother with this one. When the door/drawer front is shorter than the bed of dowels I lay a rag over the exposed dowels to keep dry and paint off the back of next door. I use a 50 door Hafele drying rack to handle the doors.

Spray the backs first! :-)the

Happy finishing!

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