Re: Completely OT...Samsung Ice maker question

Barry Irby
BTW, Is it so hard to mention the model number?

I posted the question from the office, now that I am home it not hard....RF28HMEDBSR/AA Dated Aug of 2014

It's a 28 cubic foot two doors over two drawers, one of the drawers is a freezer, the other is adjustable.

The ice maker is in the left side of the fridge and comes out through the door.

I bought it on a Black Friday special for $1800 Discounted from $2800.

For the first couple of years the ice maker worked fine. Now it stops about four or five times a year. PITA

I have searched a number of forums and Youtube for not a lot of help. It is discouraging that there have been four revisions to the Ice maker and drive unit, each costing about $200 more that the last. I have not searched lately, but I never saw anything that indicated Samsung had solved the problem.

I thought I would take a shot here. There is lot of knowledge here.

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