Re: Design comments invited

John in NM
Designing is the hard part, definitely. That is why so many people prefer building from plans and why so few good plans are available.

I don't like arched base moldings, generally. They can "lift" the piece, but they can also look a bit weird on a piece that is visually heavy like this one. As an applied molding I don't think an arch is a good idea, its more of an element that works with integral parts like rails. I think you would need a taller bottom structure to get away with an arch down there. As a practical matter, I also prefer closed bases if the bottom is too short to easily clean under if left open. There are exceptions of course, a clever designer (which I am not) could probably come up with something that makes me eat those words :D

I think the door framing looks fine. I generally make the top rail about 1/4" to 1/2" narrower than the stiles, and the bottom rail about 1/2" to 1" wider than the stiles. The bigger the door, the more pronounced I make the differences between rail parts. I also rarely make door stiles narrower than 2" unless the door is quite small and short. Wide stiles look weirder on short narrow doors than on tall narrow ones when it comes down to it. Your doors are not small enough to look strange with the framing width you have there.

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