Thanks Bill....

Barry Irby
I have been chasing my tail on this. Thanks for gelling it down. I think you are correct abut using an original blade. Eliminate one variable. I have to assume Hitachi knew something when they sent that blade with the saw.

I think I will order a new Stellite blade. The blade I have has a tooth missing and I sharpened it myself because the local saw service wouldn't even look at it. A new blade would take out whatever might be going on with the old blade and give me a base line.

Incidentally, I looked at a Youtube video of this saw cutting with a stock feeder on it. They re sawed a piece of what looked like white pine about 6" wide at 30 feet a minute. I don't have a stock feeder and don't do enough resawing to justify one, but that looked like fun.

If I had this up and running well I'd be happy to let you use it. Thanks for your thoughts.

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