a convenient situation to have

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
"solution was a second band saw, one for straight cutting/resawing and the other for general use/curves."

When I got my used 20" Delta I set it up for rip cutting including resawing. I kept the 14" with a 6 tpi 3/8" blade for curvy stuff. With this dual setup I find I use the band saws more and the table saw less.

If the saw you bought is the one I saw at IWF some years ago, and the same as Cormark Lumber has for resawing, it is singularly designed for resawing boards rapidly and accurately. The tires, wheels guides etc are designed to track a wide resaw blade. I think there is some risk presuming a conventional bade will work well on this saw. I sure as hell would not be buying a $200+ variable pitch carbide blade to find out even if others get smooth cuts with this blade on a conventional saw.

If I get by Cormark soon I will see what blade they have on the saw now. They saw mostly exotics for resale as thin lumber, supplying Woodcraft and others. Some years ago they had a several inch wide blade on it that was not carbide and they were resawing African Blackwood.

If I was in your shoes I would buy a new blade for the saw and this blade would be the blade the saw was designed to use. If you have enough resawing to justifying owning this saw the rapid and accurate feature of this saw/blade combination will be optimum to meet the need. Other's experience with blades optimized for typical band saws may be irrelevant to this band saw specifically designed to be a resaw....or maybe not. In any case I would start with what the saw was designed to use and see if that met my needs.

I don't know how much resawing you have done, but if it is much you will have discovered that tracking is vastly more important then tooth marks. The wide blade/wheels/tires on this saw are designed to track accurate under load while pushing lumber through it at something more than the rate glaciers move. If this feature is not something important to you, you bought the wrong saw. I'd like to borrow it tomorrow to resaw 100 linear feet of 6" dry cherry.

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