Re: answers skewed to smooth cuts

Barry Irby
The sawmill blade is seriously tempting.

I spent some time this morning fiddling with the saw. The Stellite blade that came with it was missing a tooth. It seems odd to me but only every other tooth has the Stellite on it. I smoothed up the mangles tooth and then carefully went of the blade. I set a thin piece of wood clamped to the table so that it would just snick the side of the tooth. Turning the wheel backwards by hand I found several teeth out of alignment. I very gently bent them back into position. Did this from both sides. I brushed several with a diamond plate from the sides as well. I also adjusted the blade back on the wheel as much as I could, but all of this did not cancel the drift. I adjusted the phenolic guides. (Phenolic stinks when it rubs)

To compensate for the drift I made a fence that was tapered enough to get it to be parallel to the cut. It seems successful.

Thank you for your suggestions. I appreciate your experience. And you are right about the investment in Carbide.

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