answers skewed to smooth cuts

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
If the objective is to slice veneer it could make sense to invest, and invest it will be on the saw you are talking about, in carbide. I have seen veneer sliced with the Lenox that was ready for application right of the saw. When slicing valuable stock the lower waste can pay for the blade.

But if the objective is to turn 5/4 lumber, or riven billets, into drawer sides the desirability of carbide becomes less certain. For these tasks I use the "saw mill" blade described previously. They cost less than $15 for my 20" saw. When I recently split 3 roofing nails re-sawing some cherry I was out $15. Also this blade cuts rapidly in these rip cuts which is no surprise considering the tooth is designed for sawing logs.

Tooth marks clean up with 1/32" pass through the planer.

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