Re: "I'm the catcher"

Hank Knight
I was the plant manager for a large manufacturing plant in western Arkansas for several years before I decided to go to law school. One day my personnel manager called me into her office. When I arrived she announced that we HAD to give this poor child a job. The poor child was a young woman that must have weighed 80 pounds, soaking wet. She looked like she'd been in a fight with a bobcat; she had scratches and bruises over every visible part of her body. I asked what on earth had happened to her. "It's my job," she said. "I just can't do it anymore." "What's your job?" I asked. "I'm the catcher," she said. The world's largest chicken processing plant was a few miles south of us in Grannis, Arkansas. Eighteen wheelers brought live chickens in crates to the plant by their thousands every day. Turns out it was the young girl's job chase down and catch the ones that escaped while they were being unloaded. She was a pitiful sight. I hired her on the spot and she was a wonderful employee.

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