Re: OT- Electric meter base replacement?

Bill Houghton, Sebastopol, CA
Ask your building inspector what the current grounding requirements are. This changes over time. And have a conversation with the inspector to get a sense of whether s/he is supportive of or opposed to homeowners doing their own work. Some are, some not; and I understand there are some jurisdictions (cities, counties) where electrical work can be performed only by licensed electricians.

If you've got a supportive inspector, just run through your plan and see if there's anything you've missed out. S/he may require you to submit a plan for the work, in which case, do your best drawing of what you'll do and be comprehensive about your notes on how you'll do it.

We're blessed in our little town; the inspector respects homeowners who do their own work and is very supportive. He comes off as really crabby, but, once he determines that you know at least generally what you're doing, he's supportive within that crabbiness.

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