Re: Woodworking things to do in Philadelphia

GolfSteve in Calgary
In Philadelphia and greater area I simply enjoyed seeing the woodwork everywhere. I come from a part of the world where 1970 is ancient history, so everything is interesting when visiting an older part of the world.

I was there in 2011, for a combined business trip to Houston and Philadelphia. I didn't take a single photograph when in Houston, but had hundreds of photos from Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. My memorable experiences were:

Independence Hall with the fine display of Windsor Chairs, which is one of my favourite styles. Free admission in the off-season! (I was there in February).
The Benjamin Franklin print shop museum included some of his original furniture.
Lots of examples of Federal style furniture, which is one of my favourite styles.
Visiting Elfreth's Alley at dusk was lovely and the light was perfect for great photos and interesting atmosphere.
Interesting architecture.
Eating real crab cakes and trolling through used book stores.
Seeing police with guns drawn on some guy lying on the street :-0 as I drove past.

Outside of Philadelphia proper, there was lots of interesting items:

Visiting civil war sites as I drove from Philadelphia to Hearne Hardwoods.
Buying Australian blackwood and Austrian spruce tops at Hearne Hardwoods for a guitar that I was planning to build.
Staying in historic countryside inns with fine stonework and woodwork.
Visiting civil war sites and museums (usually co-located with historic inns!). I had a great meal at a restaurant near Chadd's Ford but the local museum was unfortunately closed during the off-peak season.
Driving the countryside and discovering covered wooden bridges (Octoraro Bridge #1 amongst others), local Amish woodworking shops, and custom Windsor chair manufacturers.
Antique shops with real antiques that aren't insane prices (like they are here).
Seeing some rather shocking drug use and social conditions in Lancaster, completely unexpected for a small town.

And, I also remember that it cost more to rent a GPS with my vehicle ($25/day) that it did to rent the vehicle itself ($20/day).

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