Re: OT- Electric meter base replacement?

Barry Irby
The new meter base may not be identical to the old one. Likely to be larger due to increased requirements to allow for "bending radius". The code now demands gentle large radius turns. (They found sharp turns/corners in the wires lead to heat buildup.) So your existing wires might be a little short. Since both cables come in from the bottom you MAY have to lower it a few inches. This should be easy unless there is no siding behind the meter base. You could put up a panel of exterior plywood or something to cover the exposed damage. Or you could put up a picture frame of trim around the meter base

Be careful removing the existing meter base. Don't skin up your wires.

When you reinstall use Anti Oxide paste on the ends of the wires in the lugs if the wire is aluminum. You don't need much, you can get a small tube at a big box store. Might be good to gently scrape the ends of the cables to remove the gray aluminum oxide and expose the bright shiny aluminum. Really cinch the lugs down tight. Might want to use a wrench as a cheater bars on your Allen wrench.

Before you thoroughly attach the meter base, test fit the wires into the lugs. Just to be sure everything works.

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