Re: Oops, "Hats" off to arborists

Thomas Dunlap

Lightning hits and lightens the tree...get it? Hehehe

There are proper ways to do directional pruning so that the tree's growth is adjusted and the wounds are smaller. Properly done the tree may look awful but there is less long term damage.

Shigo took many micro pics of how trees put on annual growth as well as tissues to isolate damage. I don't know where they might be found online but they have to be there. He'd take samples daily...sometimes many times a day to catch the cells dividing and changing functions. Fascinating for tree nerds.

Reaction wood is amazing. Seeing how trees put on tension and compression fibers to keep their shape. Sometimes while pruning or removing I'd dissect vertically to see what was going on inside. Other times I'd cut out a piece and have my groundies put it in my van. When I got home I'd use the bandsaw to slice it open.

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