Hat's off to arborists
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Dr. Shigo ()

John K Jordan
Or is it arbiorists, arboroicultur... ack, educated and knowledgeable tree professionals and scientists.

I've very much enjoyed the time I've spent down that rabbit hole since you enlightened us. Quite interesting, especially the magic of the cambium. I'd like to see a detailed animated simulation of the creation of one ring over a season. I don't understand when woodworkers and woodturners don't seem interested in the structure of wood and how it got that way. (Maybe they'd be just as happy working with plastic.)

I cringe at some of the trimming, er, butchering I see from some tree "services" and utilities. (guys with chainsaws and used bucket trucks) No training, no knowledge.

My son was driving on our lane when lightening struck a 120' tulip poplar tree maybe 30' from the car. It's been fascinating to watch the tree seal/heal over the years. The forks/branches on the top are rotting away, the new growth is 4-5" thick now 3/4ths the way around the trunk most of the way up, and the wood inside looks like it will totally decay eventually. We had a smaller black cherry tree like that and from the amazing structures I pulled out of the middle the opening apparently allowed many generations of carpenter bees to flourish.


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