reply-advantages of custom made

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I am not dissatisfied with the shape, nor was my artist friend, nor the client, nor my artist other daughter. What you suggest has merit for increasing space were it not for the fact that the limited space it goes into does not permit it to stick out any more than it does already. The objective is to fill a corner with as much cabinet as possible with a limit on how far it sticks out. 40" wide by 22" sticky-out was the max. judged optimum.

One of the advantages of custom made furniture is that it can be optimized to be accommodated by where it goes and how it is to be used. Snuggled into its home it will look like it belongs there among its other furniture relatives.

I am satisfied letting the space determine the shape. I would like to make the front appearance as attractive as I can while satisfying the client's whims.

Were it mine it would have bracket feet, raised panel doors and divided glass upper doors. But it's not. "My" corner cupboard would not be at home where this one goes. The client would gladly take it, but why not let the client satisfy her preferences. I had to "hold my nose" while building the night stands for this house. But the owners are delighted with the customized features which they judged more important than style, and enjoy daily.

There is a drawer in this house that I made that has a bullet embedded in the drawer side. When the client saw it in the rough lumber he had to have it incorporated into his chest of drawers. It gets showed to visitors. Fine by me. I like to make family happy and they think I am the best.

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