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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I hope it sounds like I am delighted with your comments for they provide a opportunity for discussion of a topic dear. I am interested in where professionals come down on the situation I usually face. I most often am building something that fits a space or accommodates some size. The size of the furniture is largely a dependent variable.

If this piece does not fulfill the requirements of its owner the effort to build it will be wasted. Fact to be confronted. Meet the need or reject the request?

It will replace a more narrow corner cupboard because my daughter, hereafter referred to as the client, needs more storage space in a dining area with space constraints. A hutch would ideally suit the need but not fit. Hence, it needs to be as large as the space will enable, 40" being my best width estimate.

She wants to be able to put stuff on the top. This requirement limits the height to about 6'6", matching the soffit of the kitchen cabinets nearby.

I showed her many corner cupboards and hutches and she zeroed in on one with arches.

One door in a case 40" wide is not something I am confident I can build. You can't really be suggesting one door to span this width?

I rarely have the luxury of building something artistically perfectly proportioned to sit isolated in a gallery standing on its merits as a piece of art. Most of the time it has to fit somewhere, or have specified features. Golden means and mathematical progressions rarely lead to something that is practical for the client. A recent chest of drawers was entirely scaled from a specified drawer interior size(large!) and number. The client is ecstatic that his life finally fits perfectly in a chest of drawers...... that is not perfectly proportioned. Should I be ashamed of the effort or be as happy as the client for his happiness?

I have needs to fulfill with this corner cupboard. If the needs lead to squat so be it. A suggestion to make it narrow is not helpful, unless I make a second for a gallery. A suggestion to improve what fits the need is what I am looking for.

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