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Sgian Dubh
Something isn't working that's jarring to my eye. Visually, the whole piece seems uncomfortably squat. It's that, or it's not tall enough. The upper and lower pair of doors are two too many. Bottom rails of the doors need to be wider. The arched top rail of the doors is clumsy, as is the arch of the plinth.

Conclusions. Slim down the whole. Use a single upper and lower door. If you must have a drawer, make the front full width, and angle the drawer sides to match the carcase sides, and incorporate a wooden T moulded type bottom runner or runners to make it run true. As to the cornice moulding and dado level moulding, the jury's out on those for the moment until the 'squatness' and the fussiness of the four doors issues are resolved.

Of course, I'm not really a fan of historically derived, but not really properly signalling nor honouring the source inspiration and forms, and preferring a more contemporary approach and set of design references, so I'm perhaps not the best person for you to pay attention to when it comes to design development and design resolution. Slainte.

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