This is a critical joint *PIC*
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
This kind of joint can, and should be used in every case piece you will ever make, as well as shelves. Now is a good time to learn to do it.

Search every WC post I have ever done on building a case piece. I describe in detail how to easily make this joint. If necessary I can describe this process again, but I would rather not need to do it again. The process is what I learned in the Headley shop.

The male part can be cut with the jig I describe in these posts. I encourage you to build it. Everyone in the club that has built it uses it for this joint. It will make making these joints trivial. I can knock them out in less than 5 min. If trivial you will use them. They are so easy to make I even use them for the backs of case pieces.

Another way to make the male part is shown in PIC.

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