Corner Cupboard Rev 2 *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

First, some philosophy. There are decisions to be made at the start that are unalterable once underway. I’ll call these “primary decisions”. The size and style of the case are primary decisions. Other decisions can be made more safely when they need to be made as they come up during construction. The kind and location of knobs, the arch of the doors, and thickness of the top are decisions that can be made when it is time to install these parts. These decisions can be made with the rest of the piece at hand to guide the decision.

Some changes have been made from the first drawing. In response to comments, three horizontal elements have been added- below the crown, below the drawer and below the bottom doors. These provided a significant improvement. It is clear these elements are essential after looking at Joe’s example.

The dividing molding assembly has been lowered in height. In this drawing I drew a 1 ¼” top and I think it too thick. But that detail will be the last decision to be made. I have a collection of portions of tops of various thickness and edge molding. When I get to this part I just hold up examples and choose what looks best.

The “wings” have been made more narrow so that the projected width is less than the face piece width that joins into it. Looks better in the drawing. I will mock it up to confirm.

Details of arches will be made on a full scale test piece. It is too fiddly getting this part just right at ¼” scale. The width of the line becomes significant to the appearance. I will also experiment with ditching the arches and try dividing the glass with 4 thin vertical dividers like is done in some Krenov cabients.

I tried an arched drawer. It looked awful. I will probably board and bead the sides of the top section. Again, a decision to be made when I need to cross that bridge. The case tops and bottoms are critical structural elements. I am inclined to make them from the best ¾” plywood I can find. These pieces will be dadoed into the vertical posts. I am searching the lumber storage for rift cherry for the posts and door frames. The bottom door panels remain to be decided. I have a cherry crotch that could be veneered, if it doesn’t add too much business to the appearance. Glass for top to be decided.

I am looking for someone to marquetry some flowers into the panels each side of the drawer and perhaps the drawer corners. Any takers? Or, I may line and berry these parts, or carve something. In any case these decorations will add something special to the appearance if done tastefully.

The bottom doesn’t look right. Maybe I need to wrap a molding around there to make it look more substantial. I will experiment making it up to 1” taller.

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