Easy to acuostically overthink this problem
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Musicians typically don't sit on their instruments, so one has the opportunity to make parts of the instrument light and thin. They will on the podium and they may weigh from an airy 100 pounds to who knows what. I am concluding that a professional is going to be more sensitive to deflections of the top in response to their body moving about than their ear is to whatever micro deflection the top my experience in response to bowing. After all, a cellist typically pokes their instrument into a maple clad stage.

I will be consulting with a cellist next week and her concerns seemed to be more mechanical than acoustical. I have the specification YoYo Ma requires when he performs and they are only the dimensions of the podium- l,w,h.

Unless dissuaded by additional data I am going to build a table like affair- 4 legs with sides that go near to the floor, M&T into the legs, and a void-free plywood top. One end open with a frame covered with speaker cloth that will fit in the opening and face the audience. The rest painted black or draped black.

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