Re: Corner Cupboard Rev 1 *PIC*

GolfSteve in Calgary
I like the look. It is unlikely to be airy with all that wood on the sides forming the necessary structural bits. Glass cabinet door panels and glass shelves will help give an airy feel, but most corner cabinets have heavy dominating structure.

If I had this drawn in AutoCAD so I could easily stretch heights, I would try the following:

1. Make the crown taller.
2. Make the drawers slightly shorter - but this height is related to #1 - so if the crown is taller, the drawers might look perfectly fine as they are.
3. Move the pulls on the upper cabinet doors down to the bottom 1/3 of the door. I might try placing them the same distance above the drawer centerline as the bottom cabinet door pulls are located below the cabinet drawer centerline.
4. The lower cabinet doors upper rails should be a bit taller.
5. The bottom rail under the cabinet door is a structural element and looks too thin at the apex. It doesn't look strong enough to give the impression it is strong even if doesn't have to be any stronger.
6. Although it will significantly reduce storage capacity, a narrower cabinet will look taller and lighter.

The design of this piece seems a bit lighter to me without going to an all glass version: I find it interesting that it has a very thin crown, but the frieze and bead below the crown make it look right without being too heavy. Compared to your design, the base is much shorter, the top is much taller, and the width is reduced. The transition to the corner is also done differently to give it a lighter feel and eliminate some of the boards at the corner that give the top a heavy look.

If you really want a drawer, I wonder how putting the drawer behind the lower cabinet door would look?

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