Corner Cupboard Rev 1 *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Daughter made my life complicated. I provided the opportunity for her to look at many traditional corner cupboards and then added a few "modern' interpretations of buffets and hutches. She became smitten with one that had arches......and prissy feet and unemployed arches. Not smitten with the unemployed arches and prissy feet but the arched concept. So instead of doing a reproduction where all the decisions of size, molding, etc were already made in 1780, I need to make these decisions guided by an arched inspiration. I was so looking forward to learning to do coped divided glass doors. Oh well, next time.

So here is Rev 1 for comment. Ellis thinks there is a "market" for design discussion among us. Lets see if that is so, at least in this venue.

At this point I just made guesses as to sizes of the dozens of elements, and patterns.

Here are my thoughts on what I got:

1. I want the structure to be airy like a Krenov cabinet. That goal is unlikely to perfectly achieve with a corner cabinet structure. I'll do what I can.

2. The drawer is too tall

3. There needs to be some sort of applied horizontal molding between bottom doors and feet...maybe a flat bull nose?

4. The front projection of the wings that angle back 45 degrees needs to be less than the width of the post that is on the face. I narrowed it in the upper left to see what it would look like.

5.The height of the crown is a critical element. I think it is about right to a tiny bit short.

6. I need some decoration on the two surfaces flanking the drawer. A flower inlay would be dandy if I could do it. Maybe line and berry which I can.

7. I am going to need to mock up a door to get right balance of frame widths and arch amount.

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