What is considered "good" or "acceptable" CRI?

Tim Greif - West of Chicago
I've enjoyed the discussion, but am a little puzzled by the CRI concept. LOML asked me to install some 5000K, 100watt equivalent FEIT LED bulbs in an old down light chandelier in her work area. They show 90 CRI on the box and I find them pretty impressive for her craft and painting work. But that got me thinking - what's the lowest you'd consider as an acceptable CRI? All this discussion has talked about CRI but I've not seen anyone mention what constitutes a floor or bottom value for this index. Or is this purely subjective?

I have twin tube 30 year old T12 fluorescent fixtures in my 3-car garage shop (total of 13 fixtures). Most have cool white, twin 3000 lumen tubes, 4100K. Barry's post hints that they have a CRI of 62. I find them quite acceptable for my work, which runs everywhere from woodwork to car and motorcycle work. For me, replacing these with LED tubes makes absolutely no sense. At my age, I'll never see the payback from energy savings. And the light output is already acceptable for me.

So what's your take on minimum CRI that you'd settle for in any light source? Just curious.

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