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Barry Irby
Oh, I have sharpened many of them. At more than the cost of a semi decent circular saw blade my frugal packrat nature insist I get everything but the squeal out of those little pigs. I just looked on Amazon and found some for a couple of buck each in packs of 20. I was about to jump in when I read the reviews...they are two piece blades either riveted or tack welded and they break, easily. I guess you get what you paid for of NOT.

I took the Dewalt blades back to Lowes. I had bought them on a store credit and did not have the receipt. They said they were a high theft item and would not take them back without a receipt. So I retrieved the receipt and took them back on another trip. Dewalt responded to my Email and gave me the address of their local service center to return them. Too late, Lowes had already taken the hit. I'm trying to feel bad about returning them, but I don't. I bought some replacements that specifically say they cut metal, just to have them in my stash.

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