All true....

John in NM
But not the point I was trying to make.

I really don't care a great deal about the LED vs. fluorescent debate, but I do find the appeal of LED's in spite of measured lumen output to interesting. I think there is more going on than just the marketing hype working as it often does.

The point was that direct, contrasty, glittery light appears brighter to the mind. My example was just a case where I'd seen that illusion work contrary to a demonstrable result, where something actually looked better in the more diffuse (yet brighter) light.

In the case of LED shop lighting, I think people are probably reacting favorably to the directness of the lighting causing more shadow or something like that. Not only do the lamps appear brighter in spite of the measured output, the end result is desirable for the application - better contrast.

But this is all pretty speculative on my part.

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