Re: Spectral properties of light-difficulity!

Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
To actually determine the "color" of an object is quite difficult due to not only the light source illuminating the object but also human eye perception.

The company I retired from manufactured many items that mounted in the dash and console's of GM automobiles. Matching of the "color" of the items as well as applied graphics was imperative. We also provided back lighting of several switches, and lighting sources such as map lights etc.

In order to color match the company purchased a machine that measured light intensity and color, object color etc.. As I recall it cost near $100K, but was the only way to provide a non-subjective solution.

Several years ago I was responsible for developing a visual inspection system to inspect the graphics of a Prndl (Park, Reverse, Drive, Low) console gear box indicator system. This had to be inspected as near as possible in the actual lighting it would be viewed in the actual vehicle. At the time I found Halogen surface lighting was the best solution - possible a combo of led's with different characteristics would work today.

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