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Ellis Walentine
Hi folks,

We don't allow commercial posts here, but I'm going to invoke executive privilege if you don't mind.

I have a couple machines in eastern PA that are looking for homes. Sadly, I have no pictures at the moment, but the planer is a 70s-vintage Powermatic 180 and the Overarm router is a SAC, two speed with pneumatic plunge and gearmotor table raise and lower. Both weigh over 1000 lbs. The PM probably sold for a lot back in the 70s. It will need some TLC, but it should last forever. It has a Baldor 5hp motor(needs capacitors) and a blade grinder included. The SAC is a tilt-head model, with turret stops and a custom draw-collet pin holder. It needs three-phase power but it is a wonderful machine. I could write a book about the amazing utility of a pin router, but time is suddenly of the essence. I need to get these gone in the next month or so.

Both are available to the highest bidder as of right now. You agree to come get them and haul them away.

Keep an eye on our classifieds section, too, because I'm likely to have some pretty tempting offerings coming up in the next few weeks.

Sorry for the plug. Please don't reply to this message, but send me your inquiries via email to


Ellis Walentine, Host

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[AD] Down to the Wire
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